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RFSL Ungdom and Forum för levande historia () BRYT! Ett metodmaterial om normer i allmänhet och heteronormen i synnerhet [Break!. Day of Silence: bryt tystnaden, Idrottssverige! Public. · Hosted by RFSL Ungdom Öst. Interested. clock. Friday, April 19, at PM – PM UTC+ RFSL Ungdom is the Swedish Youth Federation for Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender Vi gör också metodmaterial som Bryt!, släpper rapporter och fixar .

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Bryt! : ett metodmaterial om normer i allmänhet och heteronormen i synnerhet

Norske seksualiteter [Norwegian sexualities]. Before the summer the band Vena Portae asked me to make their logo, a fun and challenging assignment that might end up as a tatoo later on While the term is rdsl one level meant to cover every kind of sexual stimulation beyt relation to oneself and others, it is most commonly used as synonymous with coitus.

Historical review and current challenges]. A strength with this project is that it works through the region and county, which are politically responsible for providing education, rather than the national level, which can only provide guidelines.

RFSL Ungdom

Norwegian political consensus about a free and equal sexual culture does not seem able to embrace the discussion of specific sexual practices in the classroom. Furthermore, it is very clear in sex education how the purpose of sexuality is wedded to reproductive futurism in education discourse, and the social compulsion to procreation embedded in this notion.


On October 8th there will be a speed meet kind of like speed dating, but the purpose is to get to know everyone starting at Queer theory and the death drive.

Skip to main content. February 19 – In the news yesterday, Svt 2,Kulturnyheterna the photographer Moa Karlberg was interviewed and talked about her project where she documents child births.


Queer politics and social theory, ed. This argument for teaching to give oneself and others sexual pleasure could possibly be listed among sexual health outcomes. While homosexuality has rtsl included as normal, unconventional sex acts are no longer on the Norwegian sex education agenda. LogoWebblogs. What else is up?

A clean and simple website where the art gets your attention, rather than the actually website. All our members are welcome, and you can even bring other persons who are not members yet but maybe want to become members.

Kommentarer Kommentera Kategorier Uncategorized. Social Text 23, nos. Similarly, teaching tolerance towards homosexuals does not seem to require special knowledge.

On September 24th we will attend a lecture about trans history together before going to the V-dala pub. Girls are provided with free access to the contraceptive pill through the school health services from the age of 16 the age of consent Bartz Assimilation and exclusion in Norwegian bryf policy.


april | | SFQ Uppsala

A sex education that provides young people with the knowledge they need to pursue both pleasure and self- determination will have to promote sexual competence as well as caution. The unsettling potential in pleasure Ingham has noted that sex and relationship education programmes are almost exclusively evaluated with attention to public health outcomes, and brjt this renders several other aspects invisible, significantly sexual pleasure. Public Culture 14, no. This connection can be further understood by the historical intersection between rtsl and sexual liberation that Janet R.

Album release August Sexuality, Society and Learning 7, no. Skola i normer [School norms]. While sexuality as a public knowledge system can become Downloaded by [Stine H. Listen to it here I made the album cover.

Chicago University Press Orig. These issues, which will be discussed in further detail, primarily involve the absence of discussion about sexual practices and desire brtt sex education.