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OBJETIVO: O presente artigo descreve os aspectos clínicos, radiológicos e histopatológicos de um caso extremamente raro de cisto periodontal lateral, bem . 1 ; 22(3): set-dez Cisto lateral: relato de caso Gracielle Rodrigues Tavares * Júlia Magalhães da Costa Lima * Sócrates Steffano da Silva Tavares. Diagnóstico e tratamento de cisto periodontal lateral: Purpose: Lateral periodontal cyst (LPC) is an uncommon type of odontogenic cyst of development.

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J Oral Maxillofac Surg. Radiographic features of benign tumors of jaws M. Uncomplicated Crown Fractures Tooth fractures can be classified as follows: Surgery occurred in a clinical setting with the patient conscious and under local anesthesia with blockers. A review and o of case. The surgical wound was satisfactory, with no signs of complications that would justify the removal of the stitches.

Benefits and positive effects of orthodontic peiodontal Orthodontics: The patient will give a long history of undiagnosed but severe pain, and. For the rarity of the lesion, a case of Lateral Periodontal Cyst is reported with focus on clinical, radiographic and microscopic aspects.

This cyst is simply a multi-focal variant of LPC, which can be seen in radiographs as well as on both the microscopic and macroscopic levels 6. Offices periodonfal Dentists 1 Services of dentists Providing dental medical latral by means of consultations, preventive services, and surgical and non-surgical interventions. The botryoid odontogenic cyst is a rare asymptomatic lesion characterized by its typical multilocular aspect similar to a bunch of grapes commonly affecting the mandible bicuspids and canine region.

Benefits and positive effects periodohtal orthodontic treatment 1. Services on Demand Journal.

Lateral periodontal cyst: case report Cisto periodontal lateral: relato de caso

Recurrence is rare Lima et al. Figure 1 – Radiographic picture of radiolucent lesion between the 22 and 23 elements. On the other hand, those cells are not identified in dentigerous and radicular cysts, which present etiopathogenesis related to the reduced epithelium and the epithelium rests of Malassez, respectively. LPC is related to an adjacent vital tooth in most cases and there is considerable difficulty in its identification following endodontic treatment due to the possibility of lesion caused by infection of a lateral root canal 4.


LPC is asymptomatic, whereas most botryoid cysts may have symptoms, perhaps due to their larger size 2. Because in most cases it is limited by a narrow non-keratinized and non-inflammatory epithelium, it is believed that its origin is in the reduced epithelium of the enamel Mendes and van der Wall9 ; Lima et al.

Lateral periodontal cyst: case report Cisto periodontal lateral: relato de caso – PDF

Rev Fac Odontol Porto Alegre jul; 43 1: Role of dentistry in the health scciences, the dental team. Mendes RA, van der Waal I. There are many doubts related to the etiopathogenesis of the BOC and its condition as an individual entity. Odontogenic cysts; Periodontal cyst; Cieto oral; Surgery oral. The histopathological findings showed a capsule of a thin fibrous connective tissue 1 to laterall layers of cellswithout inflammation, with foci of clear cells rich in glycogen Lima et al ; Mendes and van der Waal ; Neville et al ; Pereira et al ; Chbicheb et al ; Saygun et alsimilar to cells found in the remnants of the dental lamina Lima et al ; Pereira et al.

Tooth 13 and the remaining root from tooth 15 were also removed during the same operation. Collaborators All authors provided the conception of the manuscript, acquisition of data, drafting the manuscript and final approval of the submitted version. It affects individuals of both genders Carter et al.

Lateral periodontal cyst is a very uncommon lesion, corresponding to 0. There psriodontal also been reports of lesions clinically diagnosed as periodontal lateral cysts, but which were found to be malignant lesions in the histological study 3. Oclusal radiograph demonstrating the lesion extension.

Postoperative control was rigorous for this case and follow up was initially carried out on a weekly basis. Int J Oral Maxillofac Surg. The tooth lateeral been cold sensitive for several weeks, but the More information. At macroscopic examination the surgical piece was described as a lesion of soft tissue, dark brown colour, fibrous consistency, with dimensions of 2.


Generally there are three treatment options for replacing Case Report Dental Implant for Teeth Replacement in Esthetic Zone Abstract The replacement of multiple missing teeth in the anterior maxilla counts among the greatest challenges in dentistry.

Multifactorial analysis of a previously uned series. A report of 4 cases with review of literature Authors: Oral Examinations Periapical More information. Even after endodontic treatment there was no regression of the lesion. ,ateral 3 Endodontic Procedures Odontogenic cysts; periodontal cyst; Oral Pathology. Two months following the enucleation of the cyst, radiographic citso revealed areas of osteogenesis and the region was clinically satisfactory, as expected for this interval.

A study by Calvet and Quadros8using records with the objective of verifying the prevalence of odontogenic cysts of development, found that the lateral periodontal cyst corresponded to 1. These cysts are characteristically lined by a non-proliferative thin layer, non-keratinized, of stratified cuboidal epithelium with approximately cisro to 6 layers of cells.

In the clinical case concerned, the lateral periodontal cyst is located laterally to an endodontically treated tooth, however, this tooth, when vital, already had the injury and was endodontically treated because it was wrongly thought periodontaal being a periapical cyst.

Tavares GR References 1. Focal epithelial thickening or plaques composed of clear cells rich in glycogen may also be found 3, A year-old female with a history More information.

Original Botryoid odontogenic cyst: The diagnosis occurs randomly through routine radiographic examinations, as the majority of these lesions are asymptomatic Kerezoudis et al.