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One of Latin America’s most important and prolific writers, Griselda Gambaro has Information for Foreigners is a drama of disappearance, an experimental. Information for foreigners: three plays. Front Cover. Griselda Gambaro. Northwestern University Press, Mar information. QR code for Information for foreigners. Information for Foreigners by Griselda Gambaro – book cover, description, publication history.

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The guide decided to take the audience back into the room from scene 3 and 7 but upon opening to door, sees men surrounding the girl and decides to go to “room 3. At first the guard says no, but then allows it. You are commenting using your Twitter account. Email required Address never made public.

The play consists of twenty scenes. Although I was born 4 years after the fall of the regime, and therefore I have not experienced it directly, my identity was formed as a result of the transition from a totalitarian regime to democracy, a process that has not been completed, even after 24 years. Northwestern University Press- Drama – pages.

Information For Foreigners

This brief scene is an eerie parallel to the experiment shown in Scene 4, with the tour guide as the Coordinator and the audience as Teacher. A police officer searches for the woman who owns the shoe, saying the price will marry her right away.

Many scenes in Information for Foreigners integrate spectatorship and voyeurism with the abuse of authority. The audience is affected in such a way as to confuse them, and to question who is truly responsible for the staged acts, as well as the real-life instances of torture. A man yells at her and gives her a gun then leaves.

The guide leads his group away in a hurry.

Three Plays Foreignerd Gambaro Limited preview – Fill in your details below fofeigners click an icon to log in: The guide tells the audience there is another way in and opens a box in the hall. It might not speak as loud for someone who does not have a troubled history behind, but, irrespective of that, its genius cannot be denied. It is the period of the state-run Dirty War, a series of highly dramatic acts of violence that were staged by the state in order to repress the people who fought the political ideology in power, either through physical or intellectual activism, and which resulted in the kidnapping, torture and murder of approximately 30, people.

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The music playing gets louder and the men force the prostitutes to clap and sing. Three Plays Griselda Gambaro Limited preview – A prostitute tries to join but they will not allow it. Then men recite a poem by Juan Gelman. He harasses her again. You are commenting using your Twitter account. The play ends with the twentieth ror which all groups are to watched together in one large room. Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: Views Read Edit View history.

Tagged as argentinagriselda gambaroinformation for foreignerspolitics of performance space. In witnessing such crimes, voyeurism becomes passivity and inaction, and informatio audience is forced to suspend disbelief and process the actions performed in front of them. He leads the audience away, passing a door where a death rattle is freigners.

They stand in an area behind folding screens. The group is rushed from the room.

Final Copy of Information for Foreigners: Griselda Gambaro by Merle Hansen on Prezi

Please help improve it by removing unnecessary details and making it more concise. Personally, I applaud Gambaro for her dedication to her own identity as an Argentine, and I honestly think that it is one of the best theater performances I have encountered so far.

But if theatre etiquette is as embedded in us as we discussed in class, I am not sure how much of a reaction would I have had and how far I would have gone to disrupt the performance. They don’t seem to see the child monster. Information for Foreigners is a drama of disappearance, An old woman comes in and asks to see her son. The setting evokes the spaces used for detention and torture — residential houses — and, in doing so questions the boundaries of the public space versus the private space.


What should one do in that situation, when people around them turn out to be part of the other side?

Prostitutes Man 1 Man 2 Man 3 Man 4 [1]. This site uses cookies. The Interactive and site-specific nature of Information For Foreigners “forces its audience to engage the subtle interinvolvement between theater and the theater of state terrorism. He is then is killed by the “child monster” with a finger handgun.

Account Options Sign in. In witnessing such violence, people remain inactive, as it is implied that there is nothing they can do. The woman’s shoe falls off. The guides tell the audience the show has ended and to clap. The collection also includes The Walls and Antigona Furiosa.

Information for Foreigners by Griselda Gambaro

Throughout this entire exchange, the audience does nothing except follow the tour guide from room to room. Wikipedia articles with plot summary needing attention from April All Wikipedia articles with plot summary needing attention. Scene 14 A man and woman plan to plant bombs as part of a gambar. Leave a comment Filed under Uncategorized Tagged as argentinagriselda gambaroinformation for foreignerspolitics of performance space. Depending on the number of groups the scenes can be performed in different orders informattion the discretion of the director.

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