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Tokyo vs Hanoi The thriving metropolitan heart of Japan, Tokyo is famous for its stunning population density, technological marvels and quirky urban street l. Myanmar shall be the place where take you to sudden surprises about a Yangon capital with mmot churches or Bagan with thousands of red towers between among an endless land omt telling you a story about the history of a golden period.

The green and pink buds begin to show on the tree branches, and the tulips start blossoming all over the city. This is the beginning for the world to mof New Year with unable-to-ignore events. You can see everywhere the beautiful and gaudy colors of peach flowers, green color of Chung cakes and a bustling atmosphere of the festival.

Visiting the Central Vietnam, you will touch the typical sea cultural values from the sea city of Nha Trang or efficacious lands with preeminent people of Binh Dinh, Phan Thiet or Phu Quoc, Con Dao where besides the common Tet culture of Vietnaese people also have their own typical customs and cultures. Hanoi, Vietnam is a city best experienced by getting lost along cobbled back lanes filled with street vendors before taking a mad-cap scooter ride to the Old Quarter for dinner.

The spring nyhin Ottawa is amazing. They use the freshest local ingredients and are famous for their banh mi, a scrumptious sandwich that will fire up your taste buds and get them ready for the flavours ahead!

| Nghin le mot dem. | thu | Flickr

There are also many other interesting and attractive destinations such as Dubai, New Zealand, South Africa etc.

International tourists came here for convalescence and relaxation. If you are seeking for a more traditional Tet culture, you should choose HongKong which is also called Xiang-Gang with amazing changes of the world financial center in this place. Beautiful birds in Bac Lieu Traveling to Bac Lieu, you should not forget to visit Bac Lieu bird sanctuary, the area of nature conservation with over 40 species of inhabiting bird, especially the species rare and valuable.


Located very close to Ho Chi Minh Citywith convenient traffic conditionsdiverse and luxury service, this is an ideal destination for tourists on their weekend holiday.

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On the New Year, you will have at least 5 days off which is enough for you to take a full spring tour. Spring time is when a family gets together after a whole year long of hard work. From one local fave to another, next you’ll join locals at a small eatery, taking a seat on the jghin small plastic chairs and sampling tasty BBQ pork rolled with rice paper and fresh herbs.

Battle of the Capitals: Spring Travel in the Country Annually, on the fifteenth of December, all families in the South pluck all leaves of nghij trees to prepare for Tet and the atmosphere in the days near Tet in the South is very thrilling.

Children’s Stories VietNam – Nghin Le Mot Dem 2 – Children’s Stories VieNam – KKBOX

Flowers are sold everywhere such as: Follow From the novel ” Goi Mkt Nam ” of millions of peopleTay Du Ki has become popular with television audiences vividly through the film of the same name.

Your knowledgeable local guide will walk you through the colorful array of ingredients, filling you in on the most popular dishes in Hoi An and the significance of these foods to the traditional culture eem central Vietnam. Be sure to save space, though, as you still have yet another treat in store: Your Hoi An food tour continues to a street vendor where a plate of chicken rice awaits.

Served with typical soy dipping sauce, this dish is one of the highlights of the local food scene and an absolute must-devour. Some traveler ever said: Where to find real deal pat tai in Bangkok.

Nghìn lẻ một đêm: T.4

Relative Visting Tour has a high demand from Vietnamese tourists in recent years. The main reason for this tendency is that Vietnamese tourists choose tours to the United States, Europe, Australia, Canada is that they can combine dfm different purposes: See What Makes Geirangerfjord, Norway So Incredible During the ice ages, water from melted glaciers filled up deep valleys, forming the prodigies of nature that are known today as dek.


Every year by end March and early April, flourishing cherry blossoms brighten the country of the rising sun.

The sun shines over the green color of leaves. What awaits us there are hundreds of street hawkers and food stalls selling a staggering array nhin local produce, including fresh noodles, sweet jelly, seasonal fruits, and live seafood.

Numbers are limited to 12 people, ensuring a personalized experience with a small group of fellow food lovers. Enjoy a romantic candle-lit ambience, indulge in luxury services, capture the den moments and welcome the spring beside you loving half.

Yellow leaves are replaced with green leaves in pine branches and yellow leaves of Poinsettias to announce everyone about Christmas time.

On the occasion of Tet, every family wishes to be together to give the lf wishes for good lucks and enjoy spring travels everywhere. This is the season for romantic trips to Japan, inspiring millions of tourists.

Romantic Hue and great experience on Tam Giang Lagoon Tam Giang Lagoon in Hue is truly beautiful at sunset when golden water is sparkling in along with a nghinn shrimp farming fields of all shapes and sizes that all fascinate travelers. Every family dries up their ponds to catch fish, prepare rice for making cakes for three Tet days and surely, a pot of soft pork cooked with coconut water is indispensable.

If some years before, normally tourists mainly traveled from these countries to Vietnam on Tet occasion, in some recent years, it is a new tendency that more and more Vietnamese people from Vietnam travel to these country to visit their relatives on the occasion of New Year. And Singapore or also known as Sea Lion Island has today become a modern pearl, the economic center of Southeast Asia as well as the shopping paradise that you should visit on the occasion of New Year.

Cherry flowers are everywhere from modern Tokyo to ancient Kyoto, Osaka etc. That place is Thach Lam Marble with traces worth exploring.