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Shukra Kavacham Mantra in Hindi Shukra in Indian mythology is the teacher Of Asuras and Rakshasas. He is very famous sage and son of Brugu. Sri Rudra Kavacham.h. This is contribution of K Sree Hari. Please send your corrections. om.h ShrI rudrakavacham.h. om asya shrI rudra kavacha stotra mahA . This Rudra Kavacham dedicated to Lord Shiva and it was written by Sage Durvasa.

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Retrieved from ” http: Samakhyaatham samasena na bhayam vindathi kwachith, Prapnothi paramaroghyam punyam ayushya vardhanam.

Ithyedath Rudra kavacham pavithram paapanasanam, Mahadeva prasadena durwaso muni kalpitha, This is the armour of Rudra which destroys sins, And which was composed by sage Durvasa by the grace of Lord Shiva. Let Mahadeva protect my kavachaj and let Easwara protect my breasts, Let my bellywaist and chest be rudra kavacham in protected by the Lord of Uma.

Rudra kavacham in the God with a slant eye protect during travel by walkbelow a tree, On the bank of riverduring twilight and in palaces.

While acting and in my mind. Let the three eyed one ruxra my eyes, let Maheswara protect my mouth, Let Shambhu protect my ears and let Sadashiva protect my nose.

For the rudra kavacham in of Rudra which is a great prayertha sage is Durvasa,the God addressed is the Rudra of TrambakaOm is the rootRudrs is the powerKleem is the nail and this is being chanted to fulfill the desires of my mind.

Vajra Shakthi rudra kavacham in chaiva pasangusa dharam thadhaa, Ganda soola dharam nithyam rakshathu tridaseswara. Dhyanam Santham padmasanastham sasi dharamukutam panchavakthram trinethram, Soolam vajram cha Gadgam parasumabhayadham Dakshinange vahantham, Nagam pasam cha gandaam vara damaruyutham chambikaam vama bhage, Nanalankarayuktham sphatikamaninbham Parvatheesam namami. Ithi Skanda purane Sri Rudra Kavacham sampoornam.

Bahu Rudra kavacham in antharam chaiva sookshma roopa Sadashiva, Swaram rakshathu sarvesogathrani yadha kramam. Gamanagamane chaiva thrahi maam bhaktha vathsala, Thwam chitham thwam manasam cha thwam budhi sthwam parayanam. After saluting by the head the God who was not born, rudra kavacham in is the God of gods, Who is one, who goes rudra kavacham in and the Lord who is all the Gods made in to one.


Hrudayam may Mahadeva, Easwaro avyath sthanantharam, Nabhimkatrim cha Rudra kavacham in pathu sarva Umapathi. Namaskarothi devesa thrahi mam jagadheeswara, Shathrumadhyesabhamadhyegrama madhyegrahanthare. Oh darling of devotes protect me while I am travelling alsiFor you are the mindyou are the brainyou are intelligence and you are everything.

You are the brain always, Remove fear of feverRemove fear of all feversAnd remove the fear of planets. And he would reach great healthblessed in nature and increases life span. Let the arm, the middle and what is inside be protected by Sadashiva of the micro form, Let the God of all protected my voice as well as my body. Log in Request account. Thus ends the armour of Rudra which occurs in Skanda Purana.

Protect oh Consort of Parvathi, Protect Oh destroyer of three cities, Who holds the ropesworddivine arrows and is rudra kavacham in angry. He who wants knowledge would get it, He who wants to get wealth will get it, He ruxra a lady would get oneAnd there will never rudra kavacham in any fear. Seethoshna thadha kaleshuthuhina drumakandake, Nirmanushye asame marge thrahi maam vrusha dwaja.

OM TAT SAT: Rudra Kavacham

I salute you lord of GodsProtect me god of the universe, In the middle of the enemyin tudra middle of an assembly, In the middle of a village and inside the house. Let the lord of words protect my toungueand kavafham my lips be protected by Rudra kavacham in of AmbikaLet the God with holy neck rudra kavacham in my neck and let the holder of Pinaka protect my arms 6.

Prasthaneshu pade chaivavruksha moole nadhi thateSAndhyayam raja bhavane Virupakshasthu pathu maam. I am telling about the protection of Rudrafor the protection of limbs and soul, Of that God who is everywhere during day and night, Which was composed for the protection of devas in ancient times.

By fusion of this prayerthere would not be any fear. Aputhro Labhathe puthramMoksharthimokshapnuyath, Thrahi thrahi Mahadeva thrahi thrahi thrayeemaya. Pranamya sirasa devamswayambhum Parameswaram, Yekam sarvagatham devam sarva deva rudra kavacham in vibhum. Karmana manasa chaivaThwam budhischa yadha sadaa, Jwarabhayam chindi sarva jwara bhayamChindi, grahabhayam chindi. Vidhyarthi labhathe vidhyaamDhanarthi labhathe dhanam, Kanyarthi labhathe kanyaamna bhayam vidhathi kwachith.

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Thrahi maam ParvathinadhaThrahi maam Tripuranthaka, Pasam Gadwanga divyasthram trisoolam rudramevacha.

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Let Rudra protect my friend and let Hara rudra kavacham in my back, Let the God Shiva protect my head and the blue coppered one protect my forehead. Rudra varma pravakshyami anga pranasya rakshane, Ahorathrmayam devam rakshartham nirmitham puraa.

Let the God of the ten directions who holds the Vajra as well as ShakthiWho holds the rope and the Rudra kavacham in and ewho holds the bell and trident protect me daily.

Rudar may chagratha pathupathu parswo harasthadha, Siro may Easwara pathurudra kavacham in neela lohitha. Nethrayo rudra kavacham in pathu, mukham pathu Maheswara, Karnayo pathumay Shambhu, nasikayam sada shiva.

Sarva shatroon nivarthyaapisarva vyadhi nivaranam, Asya Rudra lokam sa gachathiSri Rudra lokam sa gachathiom nama ithi After removing all enemies and removing all diseases. Let the God with a bull in the flag protect me in times of winter and summerAnd in cold woodden houses kavachaam in unknown roads with no body in sight. I salute the Lord of Parvathiwho is peaceful, kavachqm on a lotus pose, Who wears the moon on his crownwho has five faces and three eyes, Who carries on his right hand soolamVajrayudhaaxe and sign of protection, Who carries on his left snakeropebell kwvacham, blessed drum and the mother Goddess, And who wears different rudra kavacham in of ornaments and has the colour of crystal.

Vageesa pathu may jihwamoshtou pathu ambikapathi, Sri kanda pathu may greevaambahum chaiva pinaka druk.