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Tune in to this soulful and peaceful Durga Mantra popularly known as Shyamala Dandakam only on Rajshri Soul. Maha Kavi Kalidasa has employed a poetic. 9 Aug I always meditate on the daughter of Matanga Maharshi who playfully holds a Veena made of Mankikya, who is lazy by intoxication, whose. laavaNya gaNDasthala nyasta kastoorikaa patrarekhaa samudbhoota sourabhya – sambhraanta bhrungaanganaa geetasaandree bhavanmadra tantreesvare.

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Sarva Varnathmikey Sarva Githathmikey.

Lyric of tamil song Shyamala Dandakam

Vallaki Vadhana Priyalola Thalidhalabaddha —. Shjamala is shyamala dandakam lyrics in by the Sages from the beginning of the world; she is immensely pleased by Vedic Chants, she bestows fame to her devotees, she is worshipped by Lord Krishna, Lord Brahma and Vidhyadharas. Victory to the Mother who has a melodious voice and who has a resplendent form. Saranga Lyrixs Projjvaley Nirmaley. Prollasadhvalika Mouthika Shrenika Chandrika Mandalodhasi. She is divine and unadulterated.

Thadanga Bhoosha Visheshanvithey Siddha Sammanithey. Your glories are sung by Kinnaras by playing the melodious Veena which captivates the ears. Victory to the one shyamala dandakam lyrics in is fond of the playful parrot. Victory to the Divine Mother who is dandajam without a second, whose compassion is always ascendant and whose both hands surpass the beauty of the blooming lotus in the early morning.

Kumbha Bimbhogabhruthkantharey Sath Kalamandirey Mandharey.

Victory to the Divine Mother who is Kali, who is the soul of all mantras and all psychic powers and the pearl on whose nose-stud shyamala dandakam lyrics in the impression that it is a drop oozing from the beauty of her forehead with beads of perspiration glistening on it. Sarva Inn Sarvagey Sarva Roopey. Victory to the Divine Mother who is worshipped by the people and whose beauty is enhanced by the dark blue locks which are smooth and which are illumined by the rays from the crescent moon adorning her forehead.

Krithibharvyasey Thasya Vashya Bhavanthisthiya: Shravana Haradhakshinakvanaya Veenaya Kinnarairgeeyasey. Victory to the Divine Mother lyricd is resplendent and pure and whose toe nails are brilliant and who is surrounded by deer which are attracted by the dark smooth locks of the consorts shyamala dandakam lyrics in the presiding deities of the eight quarters who bow down at her kn.

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Shyamala dandakam lyrics in to the Divine Mother whose beautiful cheeks are lighted up by the moonlight-like lustre from the string of pearls adorning the short curly hair playing on her forehead and the melody from the Veena is made denser by the humming of honey-bees which are attracted by the fragrance arising from shyamala dandakam lyrics in patterns of kasturi made on her cheeks.

Newer Post Older Post Home. She is praised by Kinnaras with their soulful music of Veena and she is worshipped by all the deities to get lyics wishes fulfilled. Victory to the one who enjoys and appreciates music. Victory to the Divine Mother who is worshipped by sadhus, the splendour of the manikya in whose bangles spreads in all directions of the world and who is splendidly adorned.

Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. Thank you very much for the excellent post! Victory to the Divine Mother before whom shyamala dandakam lyrics in Indra, who is effulgent consciousness, whose ear-globes shine and whose nails give the impression of the orb of the rising dandakan, the diamond-studded rings on her fingers giving out bright red rays creating the impression of evening twilight period sayam sandhya.

Lyric of Tamil song Shyamala Dandakam

Sthuyasey Vishwahrudhyena Vadhyena Vidhyadharaigiryasey. Victory to the Divine Mother who showers wealth on those serving her, whose bosom is adorned by several gold chains studded with diamonds resembling a cluster of stars and who is slightly bent because of the weight of the breasts and who has wave-like folds in the middle which further enhance the beauty of what is already an diamond mine or ocean of beauty.

Victory to the Divine Mother before whom bow down Indra, Vishnu, Siva, the lokapalas, Brahma, Yama, the Asura King, Shyamala dandakam lyrics in, Vayu, Agni and whose feet, adorned with red laksharasa and caressed by Lakshmi, shine like the light of the rising sun by the rays of shyamala dandakam lyrics in in the crowns of the celestials bowing down. Click here to get tothe Master Index from where you can access more than posts.

Yaksha Gandharva Siddhangana Manalairarchyasey. I have been searching for this. You bless your devotees with material and spiritual welfare.


She is the personification of Art, she has stunning physical features and beautiful long conch shaped neck shines in the brilliance of various gem studded dandakzm. Victory to the Divine Mother the beauty of whose eyes, undulating because of the inebriation caused by imbibing somarasa, surpasses shyamala dandakam lyrics in beauty of the blue lily worn on her ears, who is of dark blue complexion, who fulfils the desires of all the people, who is without blemish and who gives riches as the fruit of worshiping her.

And Victory to Mother who loves amusing parrots! Pani Padmadhvayenakshamalamapi Spadakam Gnana Sarathmakam. Grateful for the sloka with shyamala dandakam lyrics in.

Shyamala Dandakam Lyrics

You mollycoddle and play with the parrot which is the personification of all knowledge, which keeps telling interesting stories, which has on its neck three lines of different colours, which has two pretty dark green wings and whose beak surpasses the kimshuka flower in its red colour.

Sarva Vidhyathmikey Iin Shyamala dandakam lyrics in. Jamghalathey Charuleelangathey Namra Dikpala Seemanthini.

The deer are deluded into thinking, by the texture and colour of the hair, lryics it is green durva grass. Victory to the Divine Dandakwm who is clothed in divine gem-studded raiment and the tinkling sound from whose waist-belt competes with that from the sporty bow of Kama Cupid in arousing passionate love.

O The Mother of the Worlds who has four hands, whose head is adorned with the crescent moon, who shyamala dandakam lyrics in a full bosom, who has a complexion red as kukum and who carries in her hands a bow of sugarcane, arrows of shyamala dandakam lyrics in, the rope and the ankusa goadmy prostrations before you.

You must log in to post a comment. Victory to the daughter of Matanga. Mother Mathangi, dear daughter of Sage Mathanga who resides in the Kadamba forest shower your grace upon us.