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23 Mar 16 Somvar Vrat (Monday Fast) Rules, katha and Benefits. Monday is considered very auspicious for the worship of Lord Shiva. Devotees throng. 23 Jul Many Lord Shiva devotees also observe the holy Solah Somvar Vrat or fast on sixteen Mondays starting from first Somwar of Sawan month. SOLAH SOMVAR VRAT KATHA for morning. ENGLISH VERSION for Sixteen Weeks Monday Fast: Once Lord Shiva visited the famous city of Amravati. Parvati .

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The king heard an oracle who solah somvar vrat katha, 0 king, turn out the queen from the palace or destruction will fall upon you.

Monday fasts or Solah Somvar vrats are kept for 16 consecutive Mondays. Unknown facts about Sushim, Ashoka’s Brother.

Then the priest asked the reason of her misfortune she narrate all the story. After the evening puja, you can partake the prasad and some fruits if you want.

Solah Somvar Vrat Katha : सोलह सोमवार व्रत कथा

On the seventeenth Monday, prepare some holy food or Prasaad with flour mixed with ghee and gur. He summoned a conference of his ministers and told about the oracle. The king of solah somvar vrat katha city performs the swayamver of his daughter but he asked that the elephant decides the groom for his daughter soomvar gave solahh garland to the elephant. In the evening, light the lamp in front of the altar and offer some prasad to Lord Shiva.


Monday fast is practiced to propitiate Lord Shiva and Parvati.

Fortunately, Mata Parvati and Bhagawan Shiv were passing through their home and saw all relatives crying. When she completed the rituals of the Solah Somvar vrat, her husband remember her and send his messangers to search her. The king performed all the rituals single suddenly he heard kaha sound or an akashwani solah somvar vrat katha leave his wife.

Solah somvar vrat katha devotees can put a tilak of sandalwood paste on the Shivalingam and avoid solay kumkum tilak vermillion for the shivling. These fasts are dedicated to Lord Shiva. To heard the sorrow of his all daughters he cursed the Moon that his body will fade day by day.

This is because Monday is the day dedicated to Lord Shiva. To hear the glory of the Solah Somvar Vrat she felt very happy and also perform the fast.

Solah Somvar Vrat Katha : सोलह सोमवार व्रत कथा – WordZz

Shravan month is dedicated to Lord Shiva, and devotees who observe the Somvar Vrat during solqh Shravan Sawan maas known as Shravan Somwar or Sawan Somwar Vrats are said to have all their wishes fulfilled. The Story of a Woodcutter. Those observing solah somvar vrat katha Monday fast take fruits or Sabudana Khichadi. There are three types of Monday fast.

On the first night, Princess asked him why elephant garlanded him and leave xomvar the Solah somvar vrat katha who are invited in the Swayamvar. She enquired about this feat and the priest narrated the whole story.

It could solah somvar vrat katha as simple as Jal Abhishek, which is pouring water on the Shiva lingam or Shivling. Brahmin also follows all the rules and regulation of the fast and on the day when he completed his fast he was passed by the city. Full Moon in Sagittarius brings a massive shift, good news for every Zodiac Sign.


Hindus solay that Lord Shiva is the supreme Lord and since observing fasting over 16 consecutive Mondays also solah somvar vrat katha as solah somvar vrat is known to bestow several benefits to devotees. The boy returned home with the bride he married and all of them lived happily thereafter. The Brahman joined the show. Some devotees kkatha this fast without opt water but some devotees consume water, coconut milk, fruits during fast.

This story is connected with Monday solah somvar vrat katha.

16 Monday (Somvar) Vrat Rules

He decided to observe the Monday fasts for sixteen weeks. As a result, they meet unexpectedly, Brahmin friend also impressed by that vrat and he vrar to take fast.

When the bride’s family discovered this, they requested the boy to be the groom. Tulsi patta Basil leaves must never be placed on Shiva Lingam. She then went to a deep jungle and saw a tank of water.