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YUGANTA THE END OF AN EPOCH IRAVATI KARVE Preface The idea of writing my Mahabharata studies in English occurred to me first when friends and. About the Author. The author of this book, Irawati Karve, was also a well-known anthropologist and educationist from India. Apart from this book, Karve has. I came across this book when I had been to the village of Murud in the Konkan, the birthplace of Bharat Ratna Maharshi Karve. Irawati Karve () was.

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Dhritarashtra agreed to give them a half yuganha of the kingdom, the distant town of Indraprastha with the land around it, while he kept Hastinapura, the hereditary capital, for himself and his sons.

He had no hand in their marriages, nor could he stop their yuganta by irawati karve. But having publicly assumed his difficult role and unnecessarily undertaken great responsibilities he had to play his part to the end. High respect and salute to Irawati Karve!

After the coronation Pandu is said to have conquered all the kings of the earth, and brought great sums in tribute. For a tale that survived years before being actually written down.

Yuganta: The End of an Epoch

And substantiates her question with incidents. A series of essays on a demythologised Irawti was a frustrating mixture of omg I finally got it moments intersected with annoyances at the fragmented structure of the book and the occasionally abstruse writing. I also hold a keen interest on Mahabharata and I have tried to get hold of whatever books on the subject possible, and my efforts have been to find different perspectives, different voices.

Gandhari yuganta by irawati karve Kunti rarely get the amount of attention in retellings and in this respect, this book is very different. This edition however constitutes only the very first attempt at a irawatk survey based entirely on the scrutiny of manuscripts of an old text.


yuganta by irawati karve On the Kaurava side the king of Kalinga and his son are killed. They do so, but in an unbelievably cruel manner, by cutting off the escape routes and ensuring that all the living beings in the forest are burnt.


Drupada yuganta by irawati karve him, saying that friendship could be only between equals and a poor Brahmin could never claim friendship but only patronage. As a boy Drona had studied in an ashrama where the prince of Drupada was also studying. Udyoga means work or activity. Therefore, one must only look at it as a final piece and not as a canvas to paint and embellish yuganta by irawati karve.

We Kuru men have done great injustices to women. I am glad to have read it. In the following note also the word Kaurava will be used, being the simpler word.

One after another, the days passed for Dhritarashtra and Gandhari, Vidura and Kunti. However justifiable his actions may have been in the realm of politics, they are yuganta by irawati karve blameworthy from the human point of view.

Jun 07, Girish Malkarnenkar rated it it was amazing. She Once in a while you read a book you will cherish all your life.

On the Pandava side Iravata dies. Hard she always was. Irawati Karve strips the great epic of its embellishments and additions to lay out before us this stark, thought-provoking.

Yuganta The end of an Epoch by Irawati Karve

Vidura had no power. According yuganta by irawati karve the conditions set, they had to go out into the forest for twelve years and remain incognito for another year. When her yganta became the king of Indraprastha, she became the queen- mother. Duryodhana, the arch villain of the work, had been humiliated by the Pandava heroes and had cause for resentment.

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The Bhakti cult only started in later years, in the Kaliyuga, when the concept of Gurus or prophets or messiahs began. This venture has at last been completed, tha nk s mostly to my American and Indian daughters, Maxine, Jai and Gauri.

Yuganta The end of an Epoch by Irawati Karve – Anu Reviews

A must read if you want to understand the pivotal characters of the Mahabharata. Most often the feeling is that of floating directionless like a sere leaf in the wind.

And through the agony of each we experience the agony of the whole world. But do pick the book up yuganga you’re interested in a perspective on the Mahabharata that runs against the conventional wisdom handed down to us through Amar Chitra Kathas, grannies’ tales and TV serials — and especially if you’ve ever wondered what the epic might have yuganta by irawati karve like in its original yuganta by irawati karve, and the nature and purpose of the alterations that crept into it over the centuries.

At night Duryodhana again berates Bhishma for his slackness.